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Officers & Board of Directors

Organizational Structure

American Bonsai Society's, organizational structure consists of a board of directors, president, officers, executive secretary and journal editor. We do not have headquarters or an office. The Board of Directors (up to 25 in number) oversees the strategic direction and goals for the organization. The President is responsible for implementing the board's directions as well as overseeing the operations of officers and the executive secretary.

Click here to view the ABS By-laws.

Our Officers are responsible for keeping the organization moving forward. Their duties include developing educational programs, guiding the efforts of the annual symposium coordinator, recruiting members, recording the organization's business meetings, tracking and finding finances.

The Executive Secretary is responsible for the day to day tasks needed to keep the organization operating smoothly. This includes central registration processing and maintaining the list of members, responding to business inquiries, etc..

The ABS Journal Editor is responsible for layout, content, and timely publishing of the Bonsai: Journal of the American Bonsai Society, which is the most visible part of the ABS organization.



ABS Officers and Board of Directors


President Karen Harkaway Moorestown, NJ Email
Vice-President Daniel Turner Naperville, IL Email
Executive Secretary Barbara Bogan Lynnville, IN Email
Secretary Dave Paris Fairport, NY Email
Treasurer George Buehler Prospect, KY Email
Past President George Buehler Prospect, KY Email



Board of Directors
David Easterbrook Laval, Quebec Email 2017
Doug Hawley Cincinnati, OH Email 2017
David Hodgetts Albany, NY Email 2017
Andy Smith Deadwood, SD Email 2017
Paul Stokes Madison, WI Email 2017
Cheryl Sykora Hudson, WI Email 2017
Gary Wharton Kennewick, WA Email 2017
David Bogan Lynnville, IN Email 2018
Scott Chadd Placerville, CA Email 2018
John Denton Montgomery, TX Email 2018
Karen Harkaway Moorestown, NJ Email 2018
Cullen Mariacher Altamonte Springs, FL Email 2018
Pauline Muth West Charlton, NY Email 2018
John Wiessinger Ithica, NY Email 2018
Mark Fields Greenwood, IN Email 2019
Mike Knowlton Venice, FL Email 2019
Brussel Martin Collierville, TN Email 2019
Helene Magruder Indianola, IA Email 2019
Dave Paris Fairport, NY Email 2019
John Ruth Westminister, MD Email 2019
Todd Schlafer Denver, CO Email 2019
Cheryl Sykora Hudson, WI Email 2019
Ed Trout Pembroke Pines Email 2019
Martin Schmalenberg Email 2019


Journal Editor - Robert King
ABS Website - Paul Stokes Email
ABS Advertising- Todd Schlafer
Newsletter Editor- Dave Bogan


ABS Executive Secretary

Barbara Bogan
ABS Executive Secretary
PO Box 6
Lynnville, IN 47619, U.S.A
Telephone: (812) 922-5451

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